My Comparison of 3 Popular 50″ 3D TVs

Which 3D TV is the Best?

When it comes to buying a new television for your home, it is important to compare your choices before you head into the store or online to buy. Though various brands and models may appear to be the same, often one will stand out over the rest; whether that’s in ratings or in technical ability and picture quality. In this article, I compare the Samsung, Sony Bravia, and Vizio M 50” smart TV models for your convenience. All information was current as of 7/22/14. Continue Reading

What I Learned at E3 2014 in Los Angeles

The Best of E3 2014

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) may have been devoid of new console debuts, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t

plenty of new gaming technology worth drooling over. Though there were some disappointing no shows (I’m looking at you, Valve Seam OS and Steam Machine), there were still plenty of announcements that got my blood pumping. These are my picks for the best announcements out of E3 this year. Continue Reading

Choosing the Best 3D TV for your Home

Television brings home entertainment to life. However, it depends upon the type of TV that can help achieve that result. With the evolution of technology now a day, makers of television are constantly innovating their design to ensure that the colors and the quality of their products are in high definition, the built is sturdy and big, and the sound has to have the same effect as having your own movie theatre at home.

As of today, the latest improvement on TV are its 3D version. Since movie theatres are now catering 3D movies, it isn’t surprising why we would also want the same in our homes. With its eye-popping effects, 3D television is becoming a trend.

Finding that perfect 3D television is not as easy as it sounds. The decision to buy TV has to depend with the brand you like to get, its size, the specifications to look for, the quality, and most of all its price. There are some people who are often fooled into buying the cheaper ones instead of the branded ones that speaks of quality. They think that all 3D TVs are the same. Keep in mind that what makes any type of technology last longer is because of its quality and the brand name speaks for that quality.

If you are confused which brands are the best, there are some websites that offer reviews for 3D television. With their opinion you can compare the brands of your choice and pick one you think would suit you best. There are three types of 3D TV. These are:

Active-Shutter Glasses – The images produce by the left and right shutters are slightly offset. Since the images shown on the screen must be in sync with the rate and sequence of opening/closing shutter, the active-shutter glasses from one particular brand cannot be used by another brand. The images shown are high definition resolution, thus making it clearer for the viewers. But, the glasses used for this type of TV is heavier which can lead to eye fatigue. Hence, the glasses to be used must be compatible with the TV.

Passive 3D – also known as polarized 3D, this set has the same extra-dimensional technology that are used in the cinema. A polarized filter is placed at the front of the TV screen that sends alternate lines to each corresponding lends on the 3D glasses. The lines create a perception of tri-dimensional effect. The glasses used for this type of set are slightly lighter as compared to active-shutter glasses. However, the vertical resolutions that are sent to the alternate lines of each eye is effectively half. Hence, image is not full high definition 3D.

Glasses-free 3D – So far, this type of 3D TV is the most alluring in comparison to the first two. Whereas the first two types use 3D glasses, this type of technology does not use any 3D glasses at all. Hence, the name glasses-free. To achieve this kind of effect, a lenticular sheet is placed on top of the TV screen. Its 2D frame delivers parallex images to the viewer’s eye. However, the viewer has to have a specific location to achieve such 3D effect.

With this knowledge in mind, you can start shopping for that perfect home entertainment set that you have set your eye on. It is ideal for watching movies and playing video games like Xbox.